How to Get Discount Disney Gift Cards

How to Get Discount Disney Gift Cards

Disney gift cards are something you can’t deny, we all love Disney and we all love Disney gift cards. So what if we can get a free $5 Disney gift card? So can we get a free $5 Disney gift card? Join Get Freebies Today to explore how to get it without spending a dime.



Highlights of a $5 Disney Gift Cards,

A $5 Disney gift card is available free of charge.
Standard shipping is free.
This card does not have an expiration date.
No service charge for unused balances.
It is an ideal gift for anyone on any occasion.
You can use this gift card anywhere that accepts it.

Details of a $5 Disney Gift Cards

Broken, lost or stolen gift cards must be replaced with proof of purchase.
Disney eGift Cards are redeemable in store and online in the United States.
Anyone who has Disney gift cards can use them and shop.
This Disney gift card cannot be reloaded.

How to get a free Disney gift card worth $5?

What is the fastest way to purchase a $5 Disney gift card? You can have it right now if you follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to “Get Free Today” and sign up for an account.
Step 2: Complete and submit the form with your basic information.
Step 3: Answer a few questions.
Step 4: Pick up your gift card.
A free $5 Disney gift card is more interesting for everyone! We hope that you are not an exception. Let’s get free gifts today, give yourself a hand to receive them now!



Before we get into the weeds of how to get these discounts, let’s look at the bottom line. You can reasonably expect to save 5-10% on your trip with discount Disney gift cards. (How we got these numbers is discussed much below.)

5% is the baseline. Using the Target RedCard (discussed below) or any variety of credit cards that offer 5% back on certain purchases makes it pretty easy to save 5%.


10% is more or less the maximum. With the right mix of luck, credit cards, and possibly wholesale store memberships, it can be as high as 9%. With an extra boost, which typically requires a credit card with a hefty annual fee, it can go as high as 11.2%. I don’t know of any easy method to get to 10%.

Finally, keep in mind that these are amounts that are discounted from the cash rate that Disney charges. This is going to be a big problem for two reasons. First, if you have a credit card that gives you 3% back on all travel purchases, you are already close to 5% off. Second, if someone other than Disney offers hotels/tickets that are more than 5-10% off the Disney rate, you don’t need discounted Disney gift cards.


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