Capital One Shopping Review

Capital One Shopping Review

Capital One Shopping Review How Does It Work?

Everyone wants to save money by Capital One Shopping Review online and avoid feelings of buyer’s remorse along the way. Sometimes it can be difficult to know if a deal or sale is really decent.

If you use the right credit cards, you’ll earn cash-back rewards or miles as you make purchases, which could help you save some money. However, using some of the best money apps with the right card can help you maximize your savings.

With Capital One Shopping, formerly Wikibuy, you can easily compare offers on identical products from different sellers on the web using the browser extension or mobile app.

This will help eliminate any fear of missing out on a better price elsewhere by giving you multiple options. In this Capital One Shopping review, you’ll learn what Capital One Shopping is, how it work, and how to get a start,


What are Capital One purchases?

Capital One Shopping is a free browser extension & mobile app focused on the online shopping industry. It was initially launched as Wiki buy in 2014 with the vision of helping people make better financial decisions and save money, and that vision still holds true today.

One of the biggest appeals of online shopping is the ease with which you can browse and purchase items without leaving your home.

Capital One Shopping doesn’t want to change how easy it is to shop online, so its goal is to easily integrate its money-saving features into your shopping experience.

Millions of people have joined Capital One Shopping to use their simple, free services because it really works and saves them money. In the last year alone,

it saved its users more than $160 million. Additionally, the browser extension has nearly 2,000 reviews and a near-perfect rating on Trust pilot, a well-known online review platform for businesses around the world.


Can it really save you money?

Whether directly or indirectly, Capital One shopping can save you money. The extension & mobile app will automatically apply available coupon codes to your cart to ensure you get  the lowest price. You will indirectly earn shopping rewards as a percentage of every purchase you make.

For example, I was buying a new Roomba vacuum cleaner. The Roomba was already on sale at Kohl’s, down from $689.99 to $499.99. I added it to my cart and the Capital One Shopping extension automatically applied the best coupon code available, getting me an additional $75 off! On top of that, I received 0.5% cash back in purchase rewards to use later.


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How does Capital One Shopping work?

After you get Capital One Shopping, you’ll be able to start using it right away. Capital One Shopping works with thousands of online stores, so there is plenty to choose from.

For help finding great deals, check out the Capital One Shopping website or mobile app and explore their featured deals. Or go directly to a participating store’s website on your computer and Capital One Shopping Review features will automatically find the savings available to you.

get started by downloading the Capital One Shopping mobile app for Android or iOS.

Main features of Capital One Shopping

Here are some of the features Capital One Shopping offers and how it work


1. Price comparison tool

Many online shoppers use to search for everything from clothing to groceries, electronics, and more. If you’re an Amazon shopper, you’re in luck because Capital One Shopping can run seamlessly in the background while you browse Amazon products online.

As soon as you choose a product and applicable options, Capital One Shopping will search for lower prices on other websites. If Capital One Shopping doesn’t find a better deal than Amazon’s price, it will let you know. Product searches are automatic and results are displayed in 10 to 15 seconds.

If you want to review the savings you could have, simply click on the helpful Capital One Shopping Review pop-up and you’ll see useful information such as total price, price history, return policy, and related product offers.

We like this feature because you can still shop on Amazon, which is convenient, but you get an alert if you find a better deal elsewhere.

2. Coupons

Capital One Shopping can test coupon codes available at participating online retailers with the push of a button. When you’re on a website that works with Capital One Shopping, click the “Try Code” button when checking out. This will cause Capital One Shopping to apply any codes it has found and potentially save you some money.

Many online stores offer coupons, but they are not always easier to find. The Capital One Shopping Coupons feature is a great way to save yourself the time and hassle of searching for coupons. With the click of a button, Capital One Shopping will apply the available codes and you might get a nice discount on your shopping trip.

We like this feature because it’s much faster than searching for and entering coupon codes yourself.

3. Capital One Purchase Credits

Capital One Shopping partners with select online stores to offer you a percentage of your money back on any eligible online purchase you make. You’ll receive this money as Capital One Shopping Credits, which can be redeemed for gift cards to popular retailers through Capital One Shopping.

We like this feature because it makes it easy to earn rewards for purchases you make anyway.

4. Watchlist

Do you constantly check the prices of specific items and wait for the price to drop enough for you to make a purchase? If so, Capital One Shopping’s Watchlist feature can really improve your process and save you a lot of time and money.

Simply add the items you want to track to the Watch List and Capital One Shopping Review will track their prices for you. You will be able to see the most recent prices for each item and the last price you saw on the item.

This makes it easy to see if the price has fallen, risen or stayed the same.

5. Automated price protection

Capital One’s price protection feature helps you get a refund if the price of an eligible purchase drops shortly after you purchase an item. It monitors your email and identifies recent purchases, then files a complaint with the retailer on your behalf if you find an item eligible for a partial refund due to a price drop.

Please note that different retailers have different refund policies and you may need to complete additional steps to obtain a refund.

You can sign up for price protection in your Capital One shopping account settings. It’s available to shoppers using Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. We like this feature because it’s an easy way to save money.

6. Universal Product Finder

Capital One Shopping also has its own search engine, making it easy to view prices across multiple sites.

For example, when I searched for “KitchenAid mixer,” it showed 16 stores with coupons or rewards and over 13,254 product results.

The disadvantage we found in the search engine is that you cannot see which site the products come from until you click on the next page. For example, I didn’t know the KitchenAid mixer I was looking at was from eBay until I clicked on the next page.

7. Featured Offers

While you’re browsing Capital One Shopping Review, you can also check out their featured deals. Their offers usually include rewards for purchases (either a percentage of your purchase or a fixed dollar amount) and many offer a discount as well.

We think this feature is worth checking out because featured deals often include popular brands that could align with your purchases.

8. Hotels, events, and travel experiences

Capital One Shopping offers a great way to earn hefty shopping rewards when you book your travel. Its hotel search tool lets you easily compare the best nightly offers aggregated from various sources.

Plus, it automatically shows you how much you’ll earn in Capital One Shopping Rewards after your stay. Reward percentages vary by hotel, so keep that in mind when you’re making your selection.

This tool allows you to search and compare prices for events and experiences through partners like StubHub, Viator, and Hertz. Basically, you can plan your entire trip (accommodation, car rental, and activities) with Capital One Shopping while earning shopping rewards for every purchase!

Remember, it’s still important to shop around for the best deals. During our search, Capital One showed lower nightly rates than Shopping, even after applying some competing rewards like Google Hotels.

Disadvantages of Capital One Shopping

Although Capital One shopping can save you money, it is important to understand that it has a few drawbacks.

Browser speed is slow

Like any browser extension and add-on, Capital One Shopping can slow down your browsing speed. While we didn’t see a noticeable difference in browsing, some users might.

Data collection and privacy concerns

In order to provide you with relevant offers and the best prices, Capital One Shopping collects the personal information you provide when signing up. This may include your name, email address, site credentials, and even your billing information.

It collects your browsing history, location data, relevant site interactions, pricing details, and coupons you use. It uses this information to inform other Capital One Shopping Review users about trending coupon codes and provide a more unique experience for you.

Ultimately, this data collection is designed to help you save money, but some users may not feel comfortable disclosing this information.

Better offers can be found elsewhere

Although Capital One Shopping collects millions of coupons and analyzes the lowest prices from major retail sites, it can’t cover the entire Internet. you should do your homework to make sure you’re finding the lowest price.


How to start shopping Capital One,

To start shopping Capital One, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to and you’ll see a button you can click to add the extension to your browser.

2. When you click this button, it will take you to the web store in your browser If you are using Chrome, click the “Add to Chrome” button and “Add Extensions”. If you haven’t already signed in with your existing account, you’ll need to create an account.

Alternatively, you can visit Google Play or Apple App Store and download the mobile app.


Who can use Capital One Shopping?

Anyone with a compatible browser gets the Capital One Shopping browser extension. However, you must be 18 years of age or older to register and use the Capital One Shopping Services.

The Capital One Shopping extension is available in the following web browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. You create a free Capital One Shopping membership with your name and email address or sign in with a Google or Facebook account.

Capital One Shopping also offers a mobile app Android and iOS, but its browser extension is not available on mobile devices. However, the mobile app can still be useful for finding potential deals for nearby retailers.


Capital One Shopping mobile app

The Capital One Shopping Review app is available in the Apple App or Google Play stores. The main difference between the app and the extension is that you have to shop through the app to find the savings, while the desktop extension will show you offers even if you don’t start shopping through the Capital One app. You also can scan barcodes in the app or use its search engine.

You can use the app to find coupons and personalized offers. The app doesn’t have as many features as a browser extension, but it can be useful if you do most of your online shopping on your phone.

You can start by searching for specific stores or products in the mobile app. You can see the amount of potential cash back and savings, then click to activate the cashback offer and start shopping.

If you’re shopping at a store for promotions, you click on the bottom of the screen to see the different deals that Capital One Shopping Review has found at that store. It also checks for coupons when you check out.

Capital One Shopping Review



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